Opening the ESMC Web Console

There are multiple ways to open the ESMC Web Console:

On your local server (the machine hosting your Web Console) type this URL into the web browser:

From any place with internet access to your web server, type the URL in following format:
Replace "yourservername" with the actual name or IP address of your web server.

To log into the ESMC Virtual appliance, use following URL:
https://[IP address]
Replace "[IP address]" with the IP address of your ESMC VM. If you do not remember the IP address, see step 9 of Virtual appliance deployment instructions.

On your local server (the machine hosting your Web Console), click Start > All Programs > ESET > ESET Security Management Center > ESET Security Management Center Webconsole - a login screen will open in your default web browser. This does not apply to the ESMC Virtual Appliance.


Since the Web Console uses secure protocol (HTTPS), you might get a message in your web browser regarding a security certificate or untrusted connection (exact wording of the message depends on the browser you are using). This is because your browser wants you to verify the identity of the site you are trying to access. Click Continue to this website (Internet Explorer) or I Understand the Risks, click Add Exception... and then click Confirm Security Exception (Firefox) to allow access to the ESMC Web Console. This only applies when you're trying to access the ESET Security Management Center Web Console URL.

When web server (that runs ESMC Web Console) is up, the following screen is displayed.


If this is your first login, please provide the credentials you entered during the Installation process. For more details about this screen, see Web Console login screen.


In the rare case that you do not see the login screen or when the login screen appears to be constantly loading, restart the ESET Security Management Center Server service. Once the ESET Security Management Center Server service is up and running again, restart the Apache Tomcat service. After this, the Web Console login screen will load successfully.