Microsoft Hyper-V

Deploying ESMC VA in Microsoft Hyper-V

1.Extract the file (that you downloaded from using a utility such as Tar or 7-Zip.

2.Launch the Hyper-V manager and connect to the appropriate Hyper-V.

3.Create a new virtual machine, (Generation 1) with at least 4 Cores and 4 GB of RAM.

4.Once the VM is successfully created, power it on. The following information will be displayed:


Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your newly deployed ESMC Appliance in the address bar. You can see the IP address listed in the console window (as shown above). It will say "First time appliance configuration needs to be performed. Please connect using a web browser to: https://[IP address]".

The next step is to configure your appliance via the web interface.



If you do not have a DHCP server in your network, you will need to Set static IP address for the ESMC VA via Management console. If there is no IP address assigned, the following information will be displayed; the URL will not contain an IP address.

If no IP address is assigned, the DHCP server may not be able to assign one. Make sure there are free IP addresses in the subnet where the VA is located.