Set new ESMC Server certificate

Your ESMC Server certificate is created during installation and distributed to ESET Management Agents and other components to allow communication to the ESMC Server. If necessary, you can configure ESMC Server to use a different peer certificate. You can use ESMC Server certificate (generated automatically during installation) or a Custom certificate. The ESMC Server certificate is required for a secure TLS connection and authentication. The Server certificate is used to make sure that ESET Management Agents and ESMC Proxies do not connect to an illegitimate server.

1.Click More > Server Settings > expand section Connection, select Change certificate.


2.Choose from the two Peer certificate types:

Security Management Center certificate - click Open certificate list and select the certificate to use.

Custom certificate - browse to your custom certificate and then click OK and Save. If you are performing a migration, select the ESMC Server certificate .pfx file you exported from your old ESMC Server.


3.Restart the ESMC Server service, see our Knowledgebase article.