MSP Users

If you set up your company using the MSP customer setup, you can create a special type of native user (MSP User). You can review and edit the user in the More > Access Rights > Users menu.

You can also create a custom MSP user, for example for an MSP or a reseller.

MSP User features:

They can log in to the ESMC Web console and manage devices and other objects they has access rights for.

They can create another native user with the same or lesser permissions.

They cannot create Computer Users.  If creating a Computer User is required, an administrator needs to do so.



The AD synchronization is not available for users created using the MSP company setup.

ESMC has the following settings for each new MSP user:

Description - Native user created via the MSP customer setup wizard

Tags - The user is tagged with the company name

Home group - Static group of the company

Autologout - 15 minutes

The account is enabled and password change is not required

Permission sets - each MSP User has 2 permission sets. One for its home group and one for Shared Objects groups.