Hardware Inventory

ESET Security Management Center has the ability to retrieve hardware inventory details from connected devices such as details about a device's RAM, storage, and processor.

Click Computers > click a connected device and select Show Details.


Click Details and select the Hardware tab.


You can filter connected devices based on their hardware parameters. You can select from the following hardware Inventory categories: Chassis, Device information, Display, Display adapter, Input device, Mass storage, Network adapter, Printer, Processor, RAM and Sound device.

Hardware Inventory reports

You can create custom hardware Inventory reports. When creating a New Report Template, under Data select a sub-category from one of the HW Inventory filters. When you add the first table column or X-axis, only compatible data will be eligible for selection.

Dynamic Groups based on hardware Inventory

You can create custom dynamic groups based on the hardware Inventory details of connected devices. When creating a New Dynamic Group Template, select rule(s) from hardware Inventory categories. For example, you can create a dynamic group with devices filtered by their RAM capacity to get an overview of devices with a certain amount of RAM.

Hardware inventory on Linux

The tool lshw must be installed on the client/server Linux machine for the ESET Management Agent to report hardware correctly. If you have upgraded ERA 6.x VA (CentOS) to ESMC 7.x VA, you also need to install lshw on it.

Use the following command (as root or with sudo) to install the lshw tool:

Debian based distributions (Ubuntu)

apt-get install -y lshw

Red Hat based distributions (CentOS, Fedora, RHEL)

yum install -y lshw

Hardware Inventory on macOS

The hardware Inventory feature is available on macOS version 10.9 and higher.