Group Details

When you select the group action details_defaultShow Details, you can see an overview of the selected group:

details_default Overview

In Overview, you can edit group settings by clicking edit_default or Add description. You can view information about group placement and its Parent group and Child groups. If the selected group is a Dynamic Group, you can also see the operation and rules based on which computers are evaluated and assigned to the group.

play_default Tasks

You can view and edit the Client Tasks assigned to the group.

gear_icon Policies

You can view and edit the policies assigned to the group.



In Show Details > Policies, you can see only the tasks and policies assigned to the selected group. You cannot see the tasks and policies applied to individual computers in the group.

icon_threats Alerts

The list of alerts from computers in the group. You can manage alerts via one-click actions.

exclusion Exclusions

The list of exclusions applied to the group.