Create a new Certificate

As part of the installation process, ESET Security Management Center requires that you create a Peer certificate for Agents. These certificates are used to authenticate communication between the Agent on client device and ESMC Server.



There is one exception, an Agent certificate for server assisted installation cannot be created manually. This certificate is generated during server installation, provided that Generate certificates is selected.

To create a new certificate in the ESMC Web Console, navigate to More > Peer Certificates and click Actions > New.


Description - Enter description for the certificate.

Click Select tags to assign tags.

Product - Select the type of certificate you want to create from the drop-down menu.

Host - Leave the default value (an asterisk) in the Host field to allow for distribution of this certificate with no association to a specific DNS name or IP address.



When creating the MDM certificate, fill in the IP address or Hostname of the MDM Host device. The default value (an asterisk) is not valid for this type of certificate.

Passphrase - We recommend that you leave this field blank, but you can set a passphrase for the certificate that will be required when clients attempt to activate.



The certificate passphrase must not contain the following characters: " \ These characters cause a critical error during the initialization of the Agent.

Attributes (subject)

These fields are not mandatory, but you can use them to include more detailed information about this certificate.

Common name - This value should contain the string "Agent" or "Server", according to the selected Product. If you want, you can enter descriptive information about the certificate. Enter the Valid from and Value to values to ensure that the certificate is valid.



For all Certificates and Certification Authorities created during installation of ESMC components, the Valid from value is set to 2 days before certificate creation.

For all Certificates and Certification Authorities created in the ESMC Web Console, the Valid from value is set to 1 day before certificate creation. The reason for this is to cover all possible time discrepancies between affected systems.

For example, a Certification Authority and Certificate, created 2017 Jan 12 during installation will have a pre-defined Valid from value of 2017 Jan 10 00:00:00, and a Certificate Authority and Certificate created 2017 Jan 12 in ESMC Web Console will have a pre-defined Valid from value of 2017 Jan 11 00:00:00.


Select from two signing methods:

Certification authority - If you would like to sign using the ESMC Certification Authority (created CA during ESMC installation).

oSelect the ESMC Certification Authority from the list of certification authorities

oCreate a new certification authority

Custom pfx file - To use a custom .pfx file, click Browse, navigate to your custom .pfx file and click OK. Select Upload to upload this certificate to the Server. You can not use the custom made certificate.




If you would like to sign a new certificate using the ESMC CA (created during ESMC installation) in ESMC Virtual Appliance, it is necessary to enter a Certification Authority Passphrase. This is the password you specified during ESMC VA configuration.


Review the certificate information you entered and click Finish. The certificate is now successfully created and will be available in the Certificates list to use when installing the Agent. The certificate will be created in your home group.



As an alternative to creating a new certificate, you can Import a Public Key, Export a Public Key or Export a Peer Certificate.