Group Actions

Navigate to More > Groups and select the group you want to manage. Click the Group button or the gear icon gear_icon next to the group name. A menu with the following options will be displayed:

Group Action

Group Action Description

Applies to

Static Groups

Dynamic Groups

details_defaultShow Details

Provides an overview of the selected group.

add_new_default New Static Group

The selected group becomes the default parent group, but you can change the parent group later when you create a new Static Group.


add_new_default New Dynamic Group

The selected group becomes the default parent group, but you can change the parent group later when you create a new Dynamic Group.

edit_default Edit

Edit the selected Group. The same settings apply as when you create a new group (static or dynamic).

move_default Move

Select a group and move it as a subgroup of another group.

delete_default Delete

Remove the selected group.

import_default Import

Import a list (usually a text file) of computers, as members of the selected group. If the computers already exist as members of this group, the conflict will be solved based on the selected action.

icon_export Export

Export the members of the group (and subgroups, if selected) in a list (.txt file). This list can be used for review or imported later.


add_new_default Add New

Add a new device.


scan_default Scan

Run the On Demand Scan task on all clients in the selected group.

update_default Update Modules

Run the Modules Update task (triggers an update manually).

mobile_default Mobile

See the Anti-Theft Actions for more details.

Re-enroll - Create new client task.

Find - Request the GPS coordinates of your mobile device.

Lock - Device will be locked when suspicious activity is detected or the device is marked as missing.

Unlock - Device will be unlocked.

Siren - Triggers a loud siren remotely, the siren will start even if your device is set to mute.

Wipe - All data stored in your device will be permanently erased.

play_default Run Task

Select client tasks to be executed on devices in this group.

add_new_default New Task

Create a new Client Task. Select a task and configure the throttling (optional) for this task. The task will be queued according to the task settings.
This option immediately triggers an existing task that you select from a list of available tasks. The trigger is not available for this task, because it will be executed immediately.

clock_default Last used tasks

List of last used client tasks for all groups and computers.

manage_default Manage Policies

Assign a Policy to the selected group.

add_new_default New Notification

Create a new notification.


icon_apply_sooner_defaultApply sooner

icon_apply_later_defaultApply later

Change the priority level of a Dynamic Group.