ESMC initial configuration and product deployment and VDI

Before you can start managing ESET Business Solutions you need to perform initial configuration. We recommend that you to use Status overview, especially if you have skipped the Startup Wizard.

Web Console users

After you log into ESMC Web Console, create one or more Native user accounts and configure their Permission Sets to allow different levels of management in ESET Security Management Center.

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We do not recommend that you use the default ESMC Administrator account as a normal user account. It serves as a backup in case something happens to normal user accounts or if you get locked out, etc. You can log in with the Administrator account to fix such issues.


What are certificates?

Certificates are an important part of ESET Security Management Center, they are required for ESMC components to communicate securely with ESMC Server. All Peer Certificates need to be valid and signed by the same Certification Authority to ensure ESMC components can communicate correctly.

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You will see only those certificates located in your home group (assuming you have read permission for certificates). Certificates which are created during the ESMC installation are located in the All group and only administrators have access to them.

You have a few options when it comes to certificates:

You can use certificates that were automatically created during ESMC installation.

You can create new Certification Authority (CA) or Import Public Key which you will use to sign the Peer Certificate for each of the components (ESET Management Agent, ESMC Server, ESMC MDM or Virtual Agent Host).

You can use your custom Certification Authority and certificates.



If you plan to migrate from ESMC Server to a new server machine, you must export/back up all Certification Authorities you are using, as well as ESMC Server Certificate. Otherwise none of the ESMC components will be able to communicate with your new ESMC Server.

License Management

ESET Security Management Center has its own License Management which is accessible from the main menu under More > License Management.

There are three methods for adding a license, you can enter the License Key, use ESET Business Account credentials (or ESET License Administrator Security Admin credentials), or upload an Offline license file.

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Only Administrators whose home group is set to All, with Write permission for licenses in the home group can add or remove licenses. Each license is identified by its Public ID and can contain one or more units. Licenses can only be distributed by the Administrator to other users with sufficient permissions. A license is not reducible.

Deployment methods

ESET Security Management Center offers multiple methods to deploy the ESET Management Agent and ESET security products. Read the following chapters for more detailed information.