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ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated solution specifically designed for the Microsoft SharePoint family of products running on Microsoft Windows Server in standalone or farm configuration. It delivers effective and robust protection against various types of malware, viruses and other infiltrations. ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint works by protecting files stored in the SharePoint content database. Both user provided files stored in document libraries, asset libraries, wiki pages, etc. and ASP pages, (JavaScript) scripts, images, etc. that form the SharePoint site itself are protected.

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint protects your content:

by filtering during file access (On-access filter)

using on-demand database scan (On-demand scan)

The on-access filter is run at SharePoint’s discretion and its behavior differs slightly depending on the generation of SharePoint being used. In general, on-access filter is run when any file is first accessed and the result of the scan is cached until the version of the virus database has changed or some time elapses.

On-demand scan hierarchically crawls all the files and directories of a web site that are selected by the administrator. Files are accessed using the SharePoint object model (.NET based), which provides a unified view of all content stored on a SharePoint farm and abstracts the actual database server technology used.

Both on-access filter and on-demand scan apply following checks:

Antivirus and antispyware protection

User-defined rules with different types of conditions