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Rule action

This window lets you to add actions that will be taken with files that match conditions defined in rules.


You can add multiple actions for one rule.

The following actions are available for On-access filter or On-demand database scan (some of the options might not display depending on your previously selected actions):

Action name

On-access filter

On-demand database scan


Quarantine file

Moves file into quarantine, even if antivirus quarantine is disabled.


File is deleted from the database.

Mark for deletion

Will not upload the file on upload attempt, will delete file during indexing, will mark the file for deletion on download attempt.


File upload or download is blocked.

Send event notification

Sends event notification to the administrator, enable Send event notification by email and define the format of event messages (use the tooltip for suggestions).

Evaluate other rules

Allows the evaluation of other rules, providing the administrator with the ability to define multiple sets of conditions and multiple actions to take given conditions. If this is disabled, no rules will be evaluated but antivirus scan will still be performed.

Log to events

Writes information about the applied rule to Events log. You can choose the Severity and define the format of event messages (use the tooltip for suggestions).

Skip Antivirus scan

File will not be scanned by the antivirus engine.

Do not evaluate other rules

If this option is used as an action, it will skip any further rules that would normally follow.