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On-access filter

The On-access filter scans all files according to ”SharePoint protection settings“. For example, an Microsoft Office document stored in SharePoint, pictures, .aspx files (which are actual SharePoint pages), css styles, and icons associated with the document will be scanned. The scope of the files that will be sent for scanning via VSAPI is determined by SharePoint settings.

ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint cannot actively select which files will be scanned. When a file is sent for scanning/cleaning, its filename and size are recognized by ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint. Details about the file, such as its owner, location and whether it will be scanned during upload or download cannot be determined by ESET. If Scan document versions is enabled, only the filename of the current version will be displayed, for earlier versions alternate text will be used.

The process of On-access filter file scan is shown in the diagram below. This diagram illustrates possible actions performed by the On-access filter file scan: