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On-demand database scan

The On-demand database scan feature is used to scan the SharePoint content database that contains SharePoint Web sites and files. ESET Security will scan the hierarchy of files and folders that corresponds to each web site targeted for scanning.

If an infiltration is found, there are three possible actions (retain, clean and delete) that can be performed. If deletion is executed for any reason, including during cleaning, the file is sent to the Recycle Bin. If the Recycle Bin is turned off deletion is definitive.

If earlier versions of a specific file are present and the Scan document versions feature is enabled, then the earlier versions of the document are scanned first.

Notes on document version scanning:

Scanning of earlier document versions can be activated in ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint settings (Scan document versions).

If a document must be cleaned, a new version of the document will be created. The Infected version will be moved to trash.

It is impossible to clean earlier versions of documents, they can only be deleted.

If the most current version of a document is deleted, the earlier versions are kept. The most recent clean version will be used as the current document. This behavior can be activated in the settings (On document delete restore the latest clean version) and works even if Scan document versions is disabled.

This diagram illustrates file scan result processing and subsequent action(s) taken during the On-demand database scan: