Alerts and message boxes

You can configure how threat alerts and system notifications (such as successful update messages) are handled by ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint. For example, the display time Duration and Transparency of system tray notifications (this applies only to the systems that support system tray notifications).

Display interactive alerts

Disable this feature, if you want to prevent ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint from displaying alerts in Windows notification area.

List of interactive alerts

Useful for automation. Deselect Ask user for items you want to automate, and choose what action will be taken instead of the alert window waiting for you interaction.

Message boxes are used to display short text messages or questions.

Close message boxes automatically

To close pop-up windows automatically after a certain period of time. If they are not closed manually, alert windows are automatically closed after the specified time period elapses.

Confirmation messages

When you click Edit, a pop-up window will open with a list of confirmation messages that ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint displays before an action is performed. Use the check boxes to customize your preferences for confirmation messages.