Scan log

The scan log window shows the current status of the scan and information about the number of files found that contain malicious code.


note_icon_note NOTE

In each section, the displayed information can be copied to the clipboard (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C) by selecting the entry and clicking Copy. The Ctrl and Shift keys can be used to select multiple entries.

Click the switch icon MODULE_INACTIVE Filtering to open the Log filtering window where you can define the filtering criteria.

To view the context menu options below, right-click a specific record:

Show - Shows more detailed information about the selected log in a new window (same as double-click).

Filter same records - This activates log filtering, showing only records of the same type as the one selected.

Filter... - After clicking this option, the Log filtering window will allow you to define filtering criteria for specific log entries.

Enable filter - Activates filter settings. The first time you activate filtering, you must define settings.

Disable filter - Turns filtering off (same as clicking the switch at the bottom).

Copy - Copies information of selected/highlighted record(s) into the clipboard.

Copy all - Copies information from all records in the window.

Delete - Deletes selected/highlighted record(s) - this action requires administrator privileges.

Delete all - Deletes all record(s) in the window - this action requires administrator privileges.

Export... - Exports information of selected/highlighted record(s) into an XML file.

Export all... - Exports all the information in the window into an XML file.

Find... - Opens Find in log window and lets you define search criteria. You can use the find feature to locate a specific record even while filtering is on.

Find next - Finds the next occurrence of your defined search criteria.

Find previous - Finds the previous occurrence.

Scroll log - Leave this enabled to auto scroll old logs and view active logs in the Log files window.