Managed via ESET Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) is an application that allows you to manage ESET products in a networked environment from one central location. The ESET Remote Administrator task management system allows you to install ESET security solutions on remote computers and quickly respond to new problems and threats. ESET Remote Administrator does not provide protection against malicious code on its own, it relies on the presence of ESET security solutions on each client.

ESET security solutions support networks that include multiple platform types. Your network can include a combination of current Microsoft, Linux-based, Mac OS and mobile operating systems.

ESET Remote Administrator Server - ERA Server can be installed on Windows as well as Linux servers and also comes as a Virtual Appliance. It handles communication with Agents, and collects and stores application data.

ERA Web Console a web-based user interface that presents data from ERA Server and allows you to manage ESET security solutions in your environment. The Web Console can be accessed using a Web browser. It displays an overview of the status of clients on your network and can be used to deploy ESET solutions to unmanaged computers remotely. If you decide to make the web server accessible from the Internet, you can use ESET Remote Administrator from nearly any device with an active Internet connection.

ERA Agent - The ESET Remote Administrator Agent facilitates communication between the ERA Server and client computers. You must install the Agent on any client computer to establish communication between that computer and the ERA Server. Because it is located on the client computer and can store multiple security scenarios, use of the ERA Agent significantly lowers reaction time to new threats. Using ERA Web Console, you can deploy the ERA Agent to unmanaged computers that have been recognized via your Active Directory or ESET RD Sensor.


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For more information about ERA, see ESET Remote Administrator Online help. Online help is divided into three parts: Installation/Upgrade, Administration and VA Deployment. You can use the navigation tabs in the header to switch between the parts.