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On-access filter

In this window, you can customize the on-access filter parameters. Choose whether you want to have Enable on-access filter enabled (default) or disabled. If you disable the on-access filter, the options below become inactive.

When the on-access filter is disabled, ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint does not scan documents on upload/download, on-access filter rules are not applied and a warning message is displayed in Monitoring.


We recommend that you leave Enable on-access filter enabled to ensure maximum protection.


SharePoint Protection Settings (these settings can also be managed from the SharePoint Central Administration):

Link to SharePoint Central Administration

Click the URL to open your SharePoint Central Administration site - Antivirus settings. If you change settings from within SharePoint Central Administration, allow time for the changes to appear in ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint.

Scan documents on upload

Documents uploaded to SharePoint are scanned via the web interface whenever they are saved in Microsoft Office programs and during synchronization via the SharePoint workspace.

Scan documents on download

Documents downloaded from SharePoint via a web interface are scanned while downloading. This includes pictures and documents opened from Microsoft Office programs during synchronization via SharePoint workspace.

Allow users to download infected documents

When enabled, SharePoint displays a warning about infected files when they are found, but you are still able to open infected files, and these files are blocked rather than deleted. If disabled, a message is shown saying the document is infected and the download is impossible. The SharePoint administrator can always download infected files regardless of this setting.

Attempt to clean infected documents

When enabled, infected documents that are cleanable are cleaned.

Time out duration (sec.)

The maximum time SharePoint will wait for a response from ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint. If no response is received, it reports an AV scanner error. The default is 300 seconds.

Number of scan threads

The number of instances for each w3wp process. SharePoint usually uses three w3wp processes. A total of 15 (3x5) scanner objects are available. This limits the maximum number of files downloaded/uploaded at the same time. This is not the same as the number of ThreatSense scan engines.