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Which product do I have?

ESET offers multiple layers of security with new products from powerful and fast antivirus solution to all-in-one security solution with minimal system footprint:

ESET Safe Server

ESET Small Business Security

To determine which product you have installed open the main program window and you will see the name of the product at the top of the window (see the Knowledgebase article).

The table below details features available in each specific product.


ESET Safe Server

ESET Small Business Security

Detection engine

Advanced Machine Learning

Exploit Blocker

Script-Based Attack Protection


Web access protection

HIPS (including Ransomware shield)





Network Inspector


Webcam Protection


Network Attack Protection


Botnet Protection


Safe Banking & Browsing


Browser Privacy & Security




Password Manager


ESET Secure Data


ESET LiveGuard





Some of the products above may not be available for your language / region. See ESET Small Business Security availability for more information.