The Web Application integration can be configured from the Components page of ESA Web Console. There you will see the list of supported Web applications for which ESA has been installed.

The settings for the Exchange Server plugins, Outlook Web App and Exchange Control Panel, are global to the domain. The settings for all other Web Application plugins are per server.

The 2FA protection can be enabled or disabled for each Web Application. The 2FA protection is enabled by default after installation. The World Wide Web Publishing service will need to be restarted on all servers hosting the Web Application for changes to this configuration option to be reloaded.


Allowing Non-2FA Users

The module can be configured to either allow or to prohibit users that do not have 2FA enabled from accessing the Web Application through the Allow non 2FA configuration option.

This scenario occurs if the user is configured for neither SMS-based OTPs nor the Mobile Application and the Web Application configuration option to allow non-2FA users to log in is enabled. The configuration option to allow non-2FA users defaults to being enabled after installation.

In this configuration, a user can log into the Web Application with their Active Directory password.

If the configuration option to allow non-2FA users is disabled, then the user will not be able to log into the Web Application.