Installation of Authentication Server

1.Run the supplied .exe file to start installation of Authentication Server on the machine that is about to host the ESA Authentication Service. The .NET Framework version 4.5 will be installed automatically if it is not detected.

2.Select deployment type

a.Active Directory Integration - This type of deployment is suitable for customers running a Windows domain network. They are not limited to protect with 2FA computers belonging to their Windows domain only, but they can invite computers from outside their network also, as long as the the Authentication Server is available online.

b.Standalone - Suitable for customers not using a Windows domain. They can invite computers from their local network and other networks also. ESA related services run under SYSTEM user.


3.A number of prerequisite checks will be performed to ensure that the domain or installation environment is healthy and that ESA can be installed. Any failures must be corrected before installation can proceed. Installation will continue when all prerequisites are successfully completed.


If the Next button is not available for more than 5 seconds, wait or scroll down to see which requirements are still being checked.

4.When prompted, make sure that Authentication Server component is selected, as per the figure below. If Active Directory Integration type of deployment was selected initially, then both Authentication Server, Management Tools (Microsoft Management Console for ESA) and Reporting Engine (Elasticsearch) will be selected automatically.


5.If port number 8000 (Active Directory Integration only) or 8001 is already in use on your network, select a different port for ESA Web Console. If you prefer to use a transparent proxy, select Custom proxy settings and type in the corresponding values. Click Next. Port number 8001 is also used for API.


6.Set the Username and Password. Click Next.


The subsequent Check prerequisites screen will reveal if the selected port(s) is (are) available.

7.Go through the remainder of the steps as prompted by the installer and close the installer when complete.

8.Use ESA Web Console to configure your installation of ESET Secure Authentication and related components, users.