Installation of Windows Login and RDP protection via GPO

Applies to Active Directory Integration deployment type only.


Server (or main computer) where the Authentication Server of ESET Secure Authentication (ESA)  is installed:

must belong to the same Active Directory (AD) domain as the the client computer(s), where Windows login protection and RDP protection will be installed

Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) must be installed on your server. Click here for instructions to install GPMC.

The computer you will install Windows login protection on, must be added to EsaServices through Active Directory Users and Computers.

Client computer(s):

.NET Framework 4.5 or higher version must be installed on the client computer.

Active Directory membership - the computer must belong to the same AD domain as your server (main computer) where the Authentication Server of ESA is installed.

Domain Admin privileges - the installer must be run by a member of the  "Domain Administrators" security group.

Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 or later - the computer must be running Windows 7 (or later) or Windows Server 2008 R2 (or later).

Additionally, for RDP protection:

Remote Desktop connection must be enabled on the particular computer (Start > Control Panel > System Properties > Remote tab).

Adding a computer to EsaServices

1.Open Active Directory Users and Computers management tool.

2.Click View > Advanced Features.

3.Navigate to <your_active_directory_domain> > ESET Secure Authenitcation, right-click EsaServices, select Properties.

4.Click Members tab > Add... > Object Types > select Computers > OK.

5.Type the name of computer you wish to install Windows login proteciton on to the Enter the object names to select field > click Check Names to make sure the computer name is correct.

6.If the computer name is correct click OK, click OK again.

Obtaining the .msi installation file

If ESA Authentication Server is installed using the .exe installer, then .msi installers are automatically created in "C:\Program Files\ESET Secure Authentication\msi\".

Alternatively, obtain the installer following the steps below:

1.Download the .exe installer for ESA from

2.Extract the .msi installation file (named ESET Secure Authentication x64.msi or ESET Secure Authentication x86.msi) from the downloaded .exe file

3.Upload the obtained .msi installation file to a shared folder of your server (main computer) that is accessible from members of your AD domain.

Proceed with one of the deployment options below:

Startup script

Software Installation task


The MSI installer is also available in the ESET Remote Administrator repository.