Help and support

ESET is constantly working to update and improve ERA and ESET endpoint products.

The ESET Knowledgebase is a searchable repository of support articles designed to help you resolve issues and answer questions

The ESET user Forum is monitored by ESET staff and allows ESET users to share issues they are having and find solutions

The ESET Knowledgebase video channel contains video walkthroughs of common procedures for ESET products

Visit ESET Support News and Customer Advisories for the latest announcements about ESET product features and upgrades

You can open a case with ESET Customer Care at any time if you are not able to resolve an issue or find the answer to your question

You can also refer to the ERA Installation guide (including upgrade, migration and troubleshooting), Administrator guide (especially how to manage ERA with ERA Web Console) and Virtual Appliance guide (to use ERA in VMware etc.) for more detailed information.