Dashboard is the default screen that is displayed after the user logs into the ERA Web Console for the first time. It displays predefined reports about your network. You can switch between dashboards using the tabs in the top menu bar. Each dashboard consists of several reports.

You can customize your dashboards by adding reports, modifying existing ones, resizing, moving and re-arranging them. All this gives you a comprehensive overview of ESET Remote Administrator and its parts (clients, groups, tasks, policies, users, competences, etc.).


The following dashboards come pre-configured in ESET Remote Administrator:

Computers - This dashboard gives you an overview of client machines - their protection status, operating systems, update status, etc.

Remote Administrator Server - In this dashboard, you can view information about the ESET Remote Administrator server itself - server load, clients with problems, CPU load, database connections, etc.

Antivirus threats - Here you can see reports from the anti-virus module of the client security products - active threats, threats in the last 7/30 days and so on.

Firewall threats - Firewall events of the connected clients - according to their severity, time of reporting, etc.

ESET applications - This dashboard lets you view information about installed ESET applications.