Upgrade, migration and reinstallation procedures

This section describes different ways to upgrade, migrate and reinstall your ESET Remote Administrator Server and other ERA components.

1. Upgrade from previous ERA generation

How to upgrade/migrate from an older generation of ESET Remote Administrator 5 to ESET Remote Administrator 6 with:

o Migration tool

2. Upgrade from older ERA 6 version to the latest ERA 6 version

How to upgrade components of your ESET Remote Administrator infrastructure.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: To look up what version of each ERA component you are running, verify what your ESET Remote Administrator Server version is. Go to the About page in the ERA Web Console, and then the following Knowledgebase article for a list of all ERA component versions per ERA Server.

3. Migrate or reinstall ERA 6 from one server to another

How to migrate from one server to another or reinstall an ERA Server.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: If you plan to migrate from one ERA Server to a new server machine, you must export/back up all Certificate Authorities as well as the ERA Server Certificate. Otherwise, none of the ERA components will be able to communicate with your new ERA Server.

4. Other procedures

How to change an IP address or hostname on an ERA Server.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT: Significant changes will happen to users and tasks after an upgrade from earlier versions of ESET Remote Administrator to version 6.5. The security model in ERA 6.5 is different from the previous one and review of users' settings, groups and tasks is necessary. Read the topic Steps after migration in the Administration guide for more information.