Supported Desktop Provisioning Environments

Desktop Provisioning makes device management easier and provides for a faster hand-off of desktop computers to end users.

Provisioned desktops usually come in two different forms, either physical or virtual. ESET Remote Administrator supports most of the environments as long as the client machine has a persistent system disk. For virtualized environments and streamed OS (Citrix provisioning services), see the list of supported hypervisors and their extensions below.

Another significant difference is whether the provisioned desktop computer uses persistent or non-persistent system disk.

Desktop with persistent system disk

Desktop with non-persistent system disk

Persistent has a personalization layer that will capture all user data, settings and user-installed applications. This personalization layer is essential for ERA Agent and ESET security product due to a number of reasons.

Non-persistent drops the personalization layer after each use. This means that the user always experiences "fresh" or "clean" state of the desktop without any user data or settings.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT: Non-persistent system disks are not supported. System disk on a provisioned machine must be Persistent. Otherwise, ERA Agent will not work correctly and multiple issues with ESET security product might appear on such provisioned desktop computer as a result.

Supported Hypervisors

Citrix XenServer

Microsoft Hyper-V

VMware vSphere

VMware ESXi

VMware Workstation

VMware View

Supported Hypervisor extensions

Citrix VDI-in-a-box

Citrix XenDesktop

(applies to both virtual and physical machines)

Microsoft SCCM

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager