Single Server (Small Business)

To manage small networks (1000 clients or less), a single machine with ERA Server and all ERA components (supplied web server, database, etc.) installed on it is usually sufficient. You can think of it as a single server or standalone installation. All managed clients are connected directly to the ERA Server via ERA Agent. The administrator can connect to the ERA Web Console via web browser from any computer on the network or run the Web Console directly from the ERA Server.


Best practices for deployment scenarios for SMB environments

Number of clients

Up-to 1000 clients

ERA Server & Database Server on the same machine


Use of MS SQL Express


Use of MS SQL


Use of MySQL


Use of ERA Virtual Appliance


Use of VM server


Use of ERA Proxy (not direct replication)


Recommended replication interval (during deployment)

60 seconds*

Recommended replication interval (after deployment)

20 minutes

* Default replication interval of ERA Agent. Adjust the replication interval