Rogue Detection Sensor installation and prerequisites - Linux

To install the RD Sensor component on Linux, follow these steps:

1.Make sure the following prerequisites are met:

oThe Network can be searched (ports are open, the firewall is not blocking incoming communication, etc. ).

oThe Server computer can be reached.

oERA Agent must be installed on the local computer to fully support all program features.

oThe Terminal is open.

oRD Sensor installation file set as an executable:

chmod +x

2.Use the following command to run the installation file as sudo:

sudo ./

3.Read the End-User License Agreement. Use Space bar to proceed to the next page of the EULA.
You will be prompted to specify whether you accept the license. Press Y on your keyboard if you agree, otherwise press N.

4.ESET Rogue Detection Sensor will start after installation is completed.

5.To see if installation was successful, verify that the service is running by executing the following command:

sudo service rdsensor status

6.The Rogue Detection Sensor log file can be found in Log files: