Proxy prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be met to install ERA Proxy server on Windows:

validation-status-icon-error WARNING: Never install ERA Server and ERA Proxy on the same computer!

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: ERA Agent must be installed and connected to ERA Server (or an upper-level ERA Proxy).

ERA Server and the ERA Web Console must be installed (on a Server computer).

A Proxy Certificate must be created and downloaded to your local drive.

A Certificate Authority must be prepared on your local drive.

You must have a valid license.

A database server must already be installed and configured. Make sure your server meets Microsoft SQL requirements.

An ODBC Driver for the connection to the database server (MySQL / MS SQL) must be installed on the computer.

The access to location of ERA Proxy installation log files should be available for troubleshooting.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: Dedicated database and database user for ERA Proxy can be created before installation. You can find detailed guide how to set up your database and user account for both MS SQL and MySQL in our knowledgebase article.