New features

What are the major changes in version 6.5?

New access rights management - New security model allows better control over objects and higher granularity of permissions. Administrator has improved control over other users'  permissions.

Support for Apple DEP Program - Simplifies initial setup of iOS devices with out-of-the-box enrollment and supervised management.

Adjustments in policy behavior - Advanced merging options for certain settings in policies.

General Web Console changes - New responsive design, redesigned menus and Quick links, custom all-in-one installers can be created and saved, customization of Web Console logo and many others.

SIEM Tools support - New format LEEF is available for exporting of events for IBM® Security QRadar®.

Offline repository - Official ESET repository can be cloned and stored locally.

Standalone deployment tool for remote deployment on small to mid-range networks.

The following features and capabilities are new in version 6:

validation-status-icon-infoSee also the differences in version 5 chapter

Redesigned mobile device enrollment and CSV import of computers

Improved, more user-friendly All-in-one installer

ERA Agent - The ERA Agent must be installed on all client computers that communicate with the ERA Server. Deployment process allows you to deploy ERA Agent and ESET endpoint at the same time.

ERA appliance changes - CentOS 7-based, Webmin added etc.

Platform independency - ERA Server works on both Windows and Linux.

Post Installation Tasks - Shows you how to get the most from ESET Remote Administrator and guides you through the recommended steps for an optimal user experience. There is also a post-installation wizard added to ERA Web Console.

ERA Web Console, the primary user interface for ESET Remote Administrator, is accessed using your web browser. This makes it easy to use from any place and any device.

A fully customizable Dashboard gives you an overview of the security state of your network. The Admin section of ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) is a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing ESET products.

ESET License Administrator - ESET Remote Administrator must be activated using an ESET-issued License key before you can begin using it. See the ESET License Administrator section for instructions on how to activate your product, or see ESET License Administrator Online help for instructions on how to use ESET License Administrator.

Notifications - Deliver relevant information in real time. Reports allow you to conveniently sort various types of data for use later.