ERA Proxy is a lightweight version of the ERA Server component. This type of server is used to allow a high degree of scalability. ERA Proxy allows you to concentrate traffic from client Agents. It allows multiple Agents to connect to the ERA Proxy, which then distributes traffic to the ERA Server. This allows for the optimization of database queries. It is also possible for the ERA Proxy to connect to other ERA Proxy and then to the ERA Server. Everything depends on the network environment and its configuration.

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The ERA Proxy is also responsible for passive distribution of configuration data (groups, policies, tasks, etc.) to Agents. This forwarding is done with no involvement from the ERA Server.

The only way to configure the ERA Proxy (and all other components) is via policy sent from the ERA Server. This means that the Agent must be installed on the ERA Proxy machine to deliver the configuration from the ERA Server to the ERA Proxy component.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: It is not possible for the ERA Server to connect to the ERA Proxy directly without the Agent.


ERA Proxy is another component of ESET Remote Administrator and serves two purposes. In the case of a medium-sized or enterprise network with many clients (for example, 10,000 clients or more), you can use ERA Proxy to distribute load between multiple ERA Proxies, thereby distributing load away from the main ERA Server. Another advantage of the ERA Proxy is that you can use it when connecting to a remote branch office with a weak link. This means that ERA Agent on each client is not connecting to the main ERA Server directly, but rather via ERA Proxy, which is on the same local network of the branch office. This configuration offers better communication with the branch office. The ERA Proxy accepts connections from all local ERA Agents, compiles their data and uploads it to the main ERA Server (or another ERA Proxy). This allows your network to accommodate more clients without compromising the performance of your network and database queries.

For proper function of the ERA Proxy, the host computer where you install ERA Proxy must have an ESET Agent installed and must be connected to the upper level (either ERA Server or an upper ERA Proxy, if there is one) of your network.

validation-status-icon-infoNOTE: See a deployment scenario with ERA Proxy.

validation-status-icon-error WARNING: Never install ERA Server and ERA Proxy on the same computer!