How to use custom certificates with ESET Remote Administrator

To continue from the previous chapter:

1.Import your 3rd party Certification Authority to ERA Web Console.

2.Set new custom server certificate in ERA Web Console.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

If you already have ERA Agents connecting to ERA Server, apply a policy to change the custom certificate for ERA Agents:

1.Open ERA Web Console.

2.Click Admin > Policies > New. Type a name for the policy.

3.Expand Settings and select ESET Remote Administrator Agent from the drop-down menu.

4.Expand Connection and click Change certificate next to Certificate.

5.Click Custom certificate and select the custom certificate for ERA Agent.

6.Type a certificate password and click OK.

7.Assign this policy to all clients.


3.Navigate to Start > Programs and Features, right-click ESET Remote Administrator Agent and select Change.

4.Click Next and run Repair.

5.Leave the settings for Server host and Server port unchanged and then click Next.

6.Click Browse next to Peer certificate and locate the custom .pfx certificate file.

7.Type in the certificate password you specified in step 6.

8.Click Browse next to Certification authority and select .der file (public key) exported from Web Console. It must be a public key that the custom certificate is signed by.

9.Click Next and complete the repair.

10. ERA Agent is now using a custom .pfx certificate.