Local deployment

This deployment method is intended for on-premise installations. Create or download an installation package and allow access to it via shared folder or distribute the package using a USB drive (alternatively, email). The installer package must be installed by an Administrator or a user with Administrator privileges.


We recommend that you only use local deployment if you have a small network (up to 50 computers). For larger networks, you can Deploy ERA Agent using GPO or SCCM.

Local deployment can be performed in three ways:

Create an all-in-one Agent installer (Windows only)

Create Agent Live Installer

Download Agent from ESET website

Local Deployment and permission

For more information on how to allow a user to deploy ERA Agent locally, follow the instructions in this example.


Keep in mind that the user will be able to work with Certificates when creating installers. A user must have Use permission for Certificates with access to the static group where certificates are contained. If a user wants to deploy ERA Agent, it is necessary to be assigned Use permission for Certification Authority that the actual server certificate is signed. For information on how to divide access to Certificates and Certification Authority, read this example.  See the list of permissions for more information on access rights.