Computer details

To find out details about a computer, select a client computer in a Static or Dynamic Group and click Show Details.

The information window consists of seven different parts:

icon_details Overview:

Name - Change the computer's name or description.

Description - Add a custom description or additional information about the device.

Parent group - Change parent Static group of the computer.

Logged users - Domain and username of last logged users on the device.

Assigned users - Change assigned users with current computer.

Alerts - Link to list of problems with current computer.

Unresolved threats count - Count of unresolved threats.

Last connected and Scan time - Time information with last connection or scan.

Detection engine - Version of detection engine on target device.

ESET security products - List of ESET components installed on the computer.


icon_config Configuration:

Configuration - Contains list of configurations of installed ESET products (ERA Agent, ERA Proxy, ESET endpoint, etc.). Open configuration via context menu and convert it to a policy. Click a configuration to see it in the viewer. Click Request configuration to create a task for ERA Agent to collect all the managed product configurations. After the task is delivered to ERA Agent, it is executed immediately and the results are delivered to ERA Server on the next connection. This will allow you to see the list of all managed product configurations. Click Convert to Policy to open a configuration and convert it to a policy.

Applied Policies - List of policies applied to the computer. Click Manage Policies to manage, edit, assign or delete a policy.

icon_sysinspector_logs SysInspector:

Displays the most recent SysInspector results. Click Request log (Windows only) to run the SysInspector log request task on selected clients.

icon_task_executions Task Executions:

A list of executed tasks. You can filter the view to narrow down the results, drill down, edit, duplicate, delete or run on/rerun the task.

icon_installed_applications Installed Applications:

Displays a list of programs installed on a client with details such as version, size, security status, etc. Select a program and click Uninstall to remove it. You will be asked to enter Uninstallation parameters. These are optional command line parameters for the installer (installation package). Uninstallation parameters are unique for each software installer. You can find more information in the documentation for the particular product.


icon_threats Alerts:

Shows a list of alerts and their details: Problem, Status, Product, Occurred, Severity, etc. This category can be accessed directly from Computers section by selecting Show Alerts. You can also execute some actions from Computers Details screen by clicking Actions in the lower left corner.

icon_threat_and_quarantine Threats and Quarantine:

All threat types are displayed, but you can filter by Anti-virus, Firewall and HIPS threats for a more specific view.

Quarantine - A list of quarantined threats with details such as Threat name, Threat type, Object name, Size, First occurred, Count, User reason, etc.

icon_more Details:

Basic - Information about device management. If the device is muted, managed, last time updated and number of applied policies.

Device - Information about the manufacturer and model of computer.

OS information - OS Name, Type, Version, etc.

Network adapters - Information about networking, IPv4 and IPV6 , Subnet, etc.

Device identifiers - Serial number, FQDN name, etc.

Click Actions to execute actions. Refer to the Icon legend for details about actions.