Run Command

The Run command task can be used to execute specific command line instructions on the client. The administrator can specify the command line input to run.

You can use ecmd commands with Run Command task. Read the knowledgebase article for more information.

Operating System

Command will run as user

Default working directory

Accessible network locations

Command will be run in


Local System


only locations in the current domain and available to user Local System

Command prompt (cmd.exe)

Linux or macOS



only if location is mounted and available to root user


icon_section Basic

Enter Basic information about the task, such as the Name, optional Description and the Task Type. The Task Type (see the list above) defines the settings and the behavior for the task. In this case you can use the Run Command task.

icon_section Target

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

It is not possible to add Targets while creating a Client Task. You will be able to add Targets after the task has been created. Configure Settings for the task and click Finish to create the task and then create a Trigger to specify Targets for the task.


icon_section Settings

Command line to run - Enter a command line you want to run on the client(s).

Working directory - Enter a directory where the command line above will be executed.

light-bulbEXAMPLE: How to run local script

To run a local script located on a client at C:\Users\user\script.bat follow these steps:

1.Create a new Client Task and select Run Command.

2.In the icon_section Settings section enter:

Command line to run: script.bat
Working Directory: C:\Users\user

3.Click Finish, create a trigger and choose target clients.


icon_section Summary

Review the summary of configured settings and click Finish. The Client Task is now created and a pop-up window will open. We recommend you to click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on what Targets. If you click Close, you can create a Trigger later on.