Server Scan

You can use the Server Scan task to scan clients with ESET Server solutions installed (currently ESET File Security 6 , ESET Mail Security 6, ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino and ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server).

icon_section Scanned Server - click Select to choose a server for scanning. Only one server can be selected.

icon_section Scan Targets - displays resources on the selected server that are available for scanning.


The first time that you use Generate target list, allow about half the duration of specified Update period to pick it up. For example, if the Update period is set to 60 minutes, allow 30 minutes to receive the list of scan targets. For more information see ERA scan targets.



You can use the Server Scan task scan to perform a Hyper-V scan on ESET File Security 6, as well as On-demand mailbox database scan and Hyper-V scan on ESET Mail Security 6. Other scan methods are currently not available.