Certificates are an important part of ESET Remote Administrator, they are required for ERA components to communicate securely with ERA Server. All Peer Certificates need to be valid and signed by the same Certification Authority to ensure ERA components can communicate correctly.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

You will see only those certificates located in your home group (assuming you have read permission for certificates). Certificates which are created during the ERA installation are located in the All group and only administrators have access to them.

You have a few options when it comes to certificates:

You can use certificates that were automatically created during ERA installation.

You can create new Certification Authority (CA) or Import Public Key which you will use to sign the Peer Certificate for each of the components (ERA Agent, ERA Proxy, ERA Server, ERA MDM or Virtual Agent Host).

You can use your custom Certification Authority and certificates.


If you plan to migrate from ERA Server to a new server machine, you must export/back up all Certification Authorities you are using, as well as ERA Server Certificate. Otherwise none of the ERA components will be able to communicate with your new ERA Server.