APN/DEP certificate

An APN (Apple Push Notification) / DEP (Device Enrollment Program) certificate is used by ERA MDM for iOS device enrollment. You must create an Apple-provided push certificate and get it signed by Apple before you can enroll iOS devices in ERA. Also make sure you have a valid license for ERA.

Click the Admin tab > Certificates > Peer Certificates, click New and then select APN/DEP Certificate.


To acquire an APN certificate, you will need an Apple ID. This ID is required for Apple to sign the certificate.

APN Certificate has 1 year validity. If your certificate is close to expire, follow the steps below and in the Certificate part step 2 select Renew.

To aquire a DEP enrollment token, you will need an Apple DEP Account.

icon_section Create Request

Specify the certificate attributes (Country code, Organization name, etc.) and click Submit request.


icon_section Download

Download your CSR (Certification Signing Request) and Private Key.


icon_section Certificate

1.Open the Apple Push Certificates Portal and log in using your Apple ID.

2.Click Create a Certificate.

3.Fill in the note (optional). Click Choose File and upload the CSR file you downloaded in previous step and click Upload.

4.After a while you will see a new confirmation screen with the information that your APNS certificate for ESET Mobile Device Management server was successfully created.

5.Proceed by clicking on Download button and save the .pem file to your computer.

6.Close the Apple Push Certificate Portal and proceed to Upload part in ERA.


validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

APNS certificate is required for both DEP and non-DEP MDC policy.

If you are creating a DEP Enrollment certificate, continue here.


icon_section Upload

Once you have completed the steps above, you can create a Policy for MDC to activate APNS for iOS enrollment. You can then Enroll any iOS device by visiting https://<mdmcore>:<enrollmentport>/unique_enrollment_token from the device's browser.