Add New Users

Click Admin > User Management > Add Users... to add users that were not found or added automatically during User Synchronization.


Type the name of the User you want to add into the User Name field. Use the Conflict Resolution drop-down menu to select the action to take if a user you are adding already exists in ERA:

Ask when conflicts are detected: When a conflict is detected, the program will ask you to select an action (see the options below).

Skip conflicting users: Users with the same name will not be added. This also ensures that existing user's custom attributes in ERA will be preserved (not overwritten with the data from Active Directory).

Overwrite conflicting users: Existing user in ERA is overwritten by the user from Active Directory. If two users have the same SID, the existing user in ERA is removed from its previous location (even if the user was in a different group).


Click + Add to add additional users. If you want to add multiple users at once, click Import CSV to upload a csv file containing a list of users to be added. Optionally, you can enter a Description of the users for easier identification.

Click Add when you are finished making changes. Users will appear in the parent group that you specified.