Policies Wizard

Policies are grouped/categorized by ESET product. Clickicon_expandto expand a category and see available policies. Built-in policies contain predefined policies and custom policies list categories of all the policies you've manually created.

Use policies to configure your ESET product the same way you would from within the Advanced setup window of the product GUI. Unlike policies in Active Directory, ERA policies cannot carry any script or series of commands. Type to search for an item in Advanced setup (for example, HIPS). All HIPS settings will be displayed. When you click the ? icon in the upper right corner, an Online Help page for the particular setting will be displayed.


Access Group Filter


The Access Group filter button enables users to select a static group and filter viewed objects according to the group where they are contained.

Create new policy

1.Click Admin > Policies > New Policy.

2.Enter basic information about the policy, such as a name and description (optional).

3.Select the correct product in the Settings section.

4.Use flags to add settings that will be handled by the policy.

5.Specify the clients that will receive this policy. Click Assign to display all Static and Dynamic Groups and their members. Select the computer that you want to apply a policy on and click OK.

6.Review the settings for this policy and click Finish.