Enumerating Policies

Once the order of Groups is known, the next step is to replace each group with the policies assigned to it. Policies are listed in the same order as they are assigned to a Group. It is possible to edit the priority of policies for a group with more policies assigned. Each policy configures only one product (ERA Agent, ERA Proxy, EES, etc.).


A group without a policy is removed from the list.

In the below example, a Computer is a member of these groups:

Static group 2

Dynamic group 1

Dynamic group 2


We have 3 policies applied to both static and Dynamic Groups (see picture below):



Order in which policies are applied on groups:

Is policy applied on the Computer?

1.  Static group 1 -> Policy 1, Policy 3


2.  Static group 2 -> Policy 1, Policy 2


3. Dynamic group 1 -> Policy 1, Policy 2


4.  Dynamic group 2 -> Policy 3



The final list of policies applied on the Computer:

1.Policy 1

2.Policy 2

3.Policy 1

4.Policy 2

5.Policy 3