Manage Dynamic Group Templates

Templates can be managed from Admin > Dynamic Group Templates. You can either create a New Template or edit an existing one. To edit, select the template you want to edit and a wizard will open.

Alternatively, you can select a template by selecting the check box next to it and then clicking Edit Template.

Duplicate lets you create new Dynamic Group Templates based on the selected templates. A new name will be required for the duplicate task.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

Due to the new security model in ESET Remote Administrator 6.5, managing Dynamic Group Templates requires sufficient permissions. All pre-defined templates are stored by default in the All static group. For duplication of a template, the user has to be assigned write permissions (for Dynamic Group templates) for the group where the source template is located and for the user's home group (where the duplicate will be stored). See the similar example.


Click Save as if you want to keep your existing template and create a new one based on the template you are editing. When prompted, specify the name for your new template.