Dynamic Group Wizard

Every Dynamic Group uses a Template to filter client computers. Once defined, a template can be used in other Dynamic Group to filter clients. ERA includes several default Dynamic Group templates out-of-the box to make it easy to categorize client computers.


A user needs access permissions to be able to work with Dynamic Group templates. All pre-defined templates are located in static group All and are by default available only to the administrator. Other users need to be assigned with additional permissions; otherwise, the templates can be moved to a group where the users have permissions.

You can create Dynamic Groups using an existing Template or a new template (which will then be used for this Dynamic Group).

icon_section Basic

Enter a Name and Description (optional) for the new Dynamic Group. By default, the parent group is the group you selected when you started creating the new static group. If you want to change its parent group, you can still do so by clicking Change Parent Group and selecting one from the tree. The parent of the New Dynamic Group can be Dynamic or Static. Click Finish to create the new Dynamic Group.


icon_section Template

You can either select an existing Dynamic Group template or create a new Dynamic Group template.

icon_section Summary

Review the configuration to make sure it is correct (if you need to make changes, you can still do so) and click Finish.