Working with ERA Web Console

All clients are managed through the ERA Web Console. You can access the Web Console from any device using a compatible browser. The Web Console is divided into three main sections:

1.At the top of the Web Console, you can use the Quick Search tool. Type a Client name or IPv4/IPv6 Address, click the magnifier symbol or press Enter. You will be redirected to the Groups section where the relevant client(s) will be displayed.

2.The menu on the left contains the main sections of ESET Remote Administrator and the following Quick links:






Quick links

New Native User

New Policy

New Client Task

Deploy ERA Agent



3.Buttons on the bottom of the page are unique for each section and function, and are described in detail in their respective chapters.


One button is common for all new items - Mandatory Settings. This red button is displayed when mandatory settings have not been configured and creation can not continue. This is also indicated by a red exclamation mark next to each section. Click Mandatory Settings to navigate to the section where the settings in question are located.

General rules

Required (mandatory) settings are always marked with a red exclamation mark next to the section and the respective settings. To navigate to mandatory settings (if applicable), click Mandatory settings at the bottom of each page.

If you need help when working with ESET Remote Administrator, click the ? icon in the top right corner or navigate to the bottom of the pane on the left and click Help. The respective help window for the current page will be displayed.

See Admin for more information.