Troubleshooting - Web Console

This section will help you with Web Console login error massages:

Error message

Possible cause

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Invalid username or password

Carefully check that you entered your username and password correctly.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected'

Check to see, whether the ERA Server service and your database service are running, see our Knowledgebase article.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Communication error

Verify that Apache Tomcat is running and working properly.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: Connection timeout

Check network connection and firewall settings to make sure ERA Web Console can reach ERA Server. Also, ERA Server may be overloaded, attempt to reboot it. This issue can also occur if you are using different versions of ERA Web Console and ERA Server.

validation-status-icon-error Login failed: User has no access rights assigned

User does not have any access rights assigned. Log in as an administrator and edit user's account assigning at least one Permission Set to this user.

validation-status-icon-warning Using unencrypted connection! Please configure the webserver to use HTTPS

For security reasons, we recommend that you set up ERA Web Console to use HTTPS.

JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Enable your JavaScript or update your web browser.

You do not see the login screen or the login screen appears to be constantly loading.

Restart the ESET Remote Administrator Server service. Once the ESET Remote Administrator Server service is up and running again, restart the Apache Tomcat service. After this, the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console login screen will load successfully.

"An unexpected error has occurred" or "An uncaught exception has occurred"

This error typically occurs when you are accessing the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console, see supported web browsers.


Since the Web Console uses secure protocol (HTTPS), you might get a message in your web browser regarding a security certificate or untrusted connection (exact wording of the message depends on the browser you are using). This is because your browser wants you to verify the identity of the site you are trying to access. Click Continue to this website (Internet Explorer) or I Understand the Risks, click Add Exception... and then click Confirm Security Exception (Firefox) to allow access to the ERA Web Console. This only applies when you're trying to access the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console URL.