The Threats section gives you an overview of all threats found on computers in your network. On the left side, the group structure is displayed. Here you can browse groups and view threats on members of a given group. Select the All group and use the All threats types filter to display all threats found on clients in all groups.


Filtering threats

By default, all threat types from the last 7 days are shown. To add multiple filtering criteria, click Add filter and select an item from the list - you can filter the results by Computer Muted, Threat Resolved, Name (name of the threat), Cause (cause of the threat) or the IPv4/IPv6 address of the client that reported this threat. By default, all threat types are displayed, but you can filter by Anti-virus, Firewall and HIPS threats for a more specific view.

On-demand scan

Using this option will run the On Demand Scan task on the client that reported the threat.

Mark as resolved / Marked as Not Resolved

Threats now can be marked as resolved in the threats section or under details for a specific client.


Selecting mute on a specific threat mutes this threat (not the client). This report will no longer be displayed as active. You can also choose to mute the client (select Mute from the context menu on the threat) that reported this threat.

Table columns:

Resolved, Object, Process Name, Description, User, Computer Description, Action details, Restart required, Scanner, Object type, Circumstances, Number of Occurrences, Source Address, Source Port, Target Address, etc.