Delete not connecting computers

The Delete not connecting computers task lets you remove computers according to specified criteria. For example, if the ERA Agent on a client computer has not connected for 30 days, it can be removed from ERA Web Console.

icon_section Basic

Enter basic information about the task, such as the Name, Description (optional) and Task Type. The Task Type defines the settings and behavior of the task. Select the check box next to Run task immediately after finish to have the task run automatically after you click Finish.

icon_section Settings

Group name - select a Static or Dynamic Groups or create new a Static or Dynamic Group for renamed computers.

Number of days the computer has not been connected - type number of days after which computers will be removed.

Deactivate License - use this option if you also want to deactivate licenses of removed computers.

Remove Unmanaged Computers - if you select this check box, unmanaged computers will also be removed.

icon_section Triggers

Select an existing trigger for this task, or create a new trigger. It is also possible to Remove or Modify a selected trigger.

icon_section Summary

Review the configuration information displayed here and if it is ok, click Finish. The task is now created and ready to be used.