Reports allow you to access and filter data from the database in a convenient way. Reports are divided into categories, each category includes a short description. Click Generate Now at the bottom of the page to create a report based on a selected template and then display this report.

You can use predefined report templates from the list of Categories & Templates, or you can create a new report template with custom settings. Click Create a new report template to view settings for each report in detail and specify custom settings for a new report.


Selecting a report will bring up the Actions context menu, which appears after clicking Report Templates at the bottom of the page. The following options are available:

icon_play_defaultGenerate now...

Select a report from the list and navigate to Report Templates > Generate Now..., or click Generate now.... The report will be generated and you can review the output data.

icon_plus New Category...

Enter a Name and a Description to create a new Report Template category.

icon_plus New Report Template...

Create a new custom Report Template.

icon_edit Edit...

Edit an existing Report Template. The same settings and options used for creating a new Report Template apply.


Lets you create a new report based on the selected report, a new name is required for the duplicate.

icon_delete Delete

Remove the selected report template completely.

icon_import Import...

Select Report Template  from the list, click Report Templates > Import, click Choose file and then browse to the file you want to Import.

icon_export Export...

Select Report template you want to export from the list and click Report Templates > Export. The Report Template(s) will be exported to a .dat file. To export multiple Report templates, change the select mode, (see Modes below). You can also export whole Template category including all its Report Templates.

You can use Modes to change select mode (Single or Multiple). Clicking the arrow in upper right corner and choose from the context menu:

icon_singleselect_default Single select mode - you can select single item.

icon_multiselect_default Multiple item select mode - lets you use the check boxes to select multiple items.

icon_reload Refresh - reloads/refreshes displayed information.


The Export... feature exports the selected Report template, which can then be imported to another ERA Server using Import. This is useful, for example, when you want to migrate your custom report templates to another ERA Server.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

The icon_import Import / icon_export Export feature is designed for importing and exporting Report Templates only, not an actual generated report with data.