Icon legend

This is a collection of icons used throughout ERA Web Console with their description.  Some of the icons depicts actions, item types or current status. Most icons are disabled in one of three colors to denote the accessibility of an element:

details_default Default icon - available action

details_hover Blue icon - highlighted element when you hover with mouse pointer

details_disabled Gray icon - action not available

Status icon


details_default details_disabled details_hover

Details - detailed information about the client device.

add_new_default add_new_hover add_new_disabled

Add New - add new devices

New Task - add new task

New Notification - add new notification

New Static/Dynamic groups... add new groups

edit_default edit_disabled edit_hover

Edit - you can edit your created tasks, notifications, reports template, groups, policies, etc.

copy_disabled copy_default copy_hover

Duplicate - lets you create a new policy based on the existing policy you've selected, a new name is required for the duplicate.

move_default move_disabled move_hover

Move - computers, policies, Static or Dynamic groups.

delete_disabled delete_default delete_hover

Delete - removes the selected client, group, etc completely.

add_new_default add_new_hover add_new_disabled

Add New - add new devices

scan_default scan_disabled scan_hover

Scan - using this option will run the On Demand Scan task on the client that reported the threat.

update_default update_disabled update_hover

Update Virus DB - using this option will run the Virus Signature Database Update task (triggers an update manually).

mobile_default mobile_disabled mobile_hover

Run Task for mobile devices

enroll_default enroll_disabled enroll_hover

Enroll - with this option, you can a create new client task.

unlock_default unlock_disabled unlock_hover

Unlock - device will be unlocked.

lock_default lock_disabled lock_hover

Lock - device will be locked when suspicious activity is detected or the device is marked as missing.

locate_default locate_hover locate_disabled

Find - if you want to request the GPS coordinates of your mobile device.

siren_default siren_disabled siren_hover

Siren - triggers a loud siren remotely, the siren will start even if your device is set to mute.

remove_default remove_disabled remove_hover

Wipe - all data stored in your device will be permanently erased.

restart_default restart_disabled restart_hover

Reboot - if you select a computer and press Reboot the device will be rebooted.

icon_disable_default disable_disabled disable_hover

Shutdown - if you select a computer and press Shutdown the device will be shut down.

play_default play_disabled play_hover

Run - select a task and configure throttling (optional) for this task. The task will be queued according to the task settings. This option immediately triggers an existing task, that you select from a list of available tasks. The trigger is not available for this task, because it will be executed immediately.

manage_default manage_disabled manage_hover

Manage Policies - a policy can also be assigned directly to a client (multiple clients), not just a group. Select this option to assign the policy to selected client(s).

icon_wake-up_calls wakeup_disabled wakeup_hover

Send Wake-Up Call - ERA Server initiates immediate communication with the ERA Agent on a client machine. This is useful when you do not want to wait for the regular interval when the ERA Agent connects to the ERA Server. For example when you want a Client Task to be run immediately on client(s) or if you want a Policy to be applied right away.

icon_deploy deploy_hover deploy_disabled

Deploy Agent - with this option, you can create a new Server Task.


unmute_hover unmute_default unmute_disabled

Mute - if you select a computer and press Mute, the Agent of this client stops reporting to ERA; it will only aggregate the information. A muted iconicon_muted_normal will be displayed next to a computer name in the Muted column.
Once muting is disabled by clicking Mute > Un-mute, the muted computer will report again and communication between ERA and the client is restored.

remove_default remove_disabled remove_hover

Disable - disable or remove a setting or selection.

edit_default edit_disabled edit_hover

Assign - to assign a Policy to client or groups.

import_default import_disabled import_hover

Import - select Reports, Policies or Public key you want to import.

export_default export_disabled export_hover

Export - select Reports, Policies or Peer Certificate you want to export.




Virtual Machine(Agentless)






File Server


Mail Server


Gateway Server


Collaboration Server




Mobile Device Connector


Rouge Detection Sensor


Virtual Agent Host




Shared Local Cache


Virtual Security Appliance