Status overview

Use the Status Overview to see usage statistics and a general status of your ESET Remote Administrator. It can also help you with initial configuration of ESET Remote Administrator. Click Admin > Status Overview to see detailed status information about ESET Remote Administrator in the following sections (use the buttons to perform tasks):

Help and support - you can view our instructional videos and the ESET Knowledgebase for more information about ESET Remote Administrator.

Users - you can create different users and configure their permissions to allow different levels of management in ESET Remote Administrator. The default ERA Administrator account was created during installation. We do not recommend that you use the default ERA Administrator account as a normal user account. Rather, create a new native user account and use that as the default account in ESET Remote Administrator.

Certificates (optional) - if you want to use different certificates than the default ones provided by ERA, you can create Certification Authorities and Peer certificates for individual ESET Remote Administrator components to allow communication with ERA Server.

Licenses - ESET Remote Administrator 6 uses a completely new ESET licensing system, select the method you want to use to add License(s), which will be used when activating ERA components and ESET security products on client computers.

Computers - you have a number of options when adding client computers, servers and mobile devices on your network to the ERA structure. You can Add Computers and Mobile devices manually or import a list of devices. You can automatically import computers detected using ESET RD Sensor or you can run Static Group Synchronization with Active Directory, LDAP, VMware, etc.

Agents - there are multiple ways to deploy ERA Agent to client computers in your network. You can also create a new policy for ERA Agent to change the connection interval.

Products - with the ERA Agent deployed, you can install software directly from the ESET repository or specify an installation package location (URL or a shared folder). You can create a new policy to change the configuration of the ESET security product installed on the client computers. Also, you can change Server Settings if necessary.

SMTP Settings - ESET Remote Administrator can be configured to connect to your existing SMTP server which allows ERA to send email messages, for example Notifications, mobile device enrollment emails, Reports, etc.