Additional configuration

Once you have completed initial configuration, there are some additional actions you can consider doing:

Create/edit groups

We recommend that you sort clients into Groups, either Static or Dynamic, based on various criteria. This makes managing clients easier and helps you keep an overview of your network.

Create a new policy

Policies are used to distribute a specific configuration for ESET products running on client computers. They allow you to avoid configuring ESET products on each client manually. Once you have created a new policy with your custom configuration, you can assign it to a group (either static or dynamic) to apply your settings to all the computers in that group.

Assign a policy to a group

As explained above, a policy must be assigned to a group to take affect. Computers that belong to the group will have this policy applied to them. The policy is applied and updated every time an Agent connects to ERA Server.

Set up Notifications and create Reports

We recommend that you use notifications and reports to monitor the status of client computers in your environment. For example, if you want to be notified that a certain event occurred or want to view or download a report.